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Accreditation and what it means for Bell Packaging

Bell Packaging have held BSI accreditation since 1999 – This means that our customers can rely on the fact that they are dealing with a company which is regularly assessed to ensure they adhere to the high standards and best practices set out by BSI in order to obtain their certification.

BSI – British Standards InstitutionBSI-Cert

BSI is a leading business standard company. They work with businesses, government bodies and other organisations to improve business practice, ensure an efficient working environment and build a sustainable business.

For Bell Packaging this means that they work effectively, give excellent customer service, supply quality products and make sure they comply with environmental legislation.

BSI have clients worldwide in more than 182 countries. They are a UK national standards body with a royal charter. They were formed in 1901 and the BSI kitemark was first registered in June 1903. Since then, it has become one of the most recognised quality marks in Great Britain. They deal with more than 35 business sectors, including medical devices, lighting, transport and logistics, security as well as quality and business improvement.

SEDEX – Supplier Ethical Data Exchangesedex

Bell Packaging are also registered with SEDEX, which was launched in 2004 by a group of UK retailers. Their aim is to share and collaborate with business, trade organisations, government agencies and NGO’s on supply chain issues such as the environment.

BRC Global Standards

Bell Packaging are also able to offer products manufactured in a BRC/IoP Global Standard in Packaging category 1 rated factory. This means that the company can confirm it meets the standards required in the development of legal, safe and high level products for Printpackaging purposes.

When you use the services provided by Bell Packaging, you can depend on the quality of their products, value for money and their 100% customer focus.

For further information on our products and services please contact Bell Packaging on +44 (0)1582 459292 or email

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Bell Exhibit at India’s Leading Textile Exhibition

Bell Packaging India helped deliver another successful exhibition in India.  This time it was the Garment & Hosiery exhibition in Ludhiana. This region is one of India’s largest producers of textiles.  The use of PP and Jetran® tubing is particularly popular for presenting these items. Using the Bell livery the exhibition stand was managed and…Continue Reading

Bell Packaging Designs

There is an unspoken beauty about packaging designs. You may not have the need to purchase a product but the packaging design can attract you and help you to make a decision to buy it. It’s no coincidence that products that are packaged in intriguing designs can sell faster than those presented in dull packaging.…Continue Reading

Bell Packaging Founder Visits Luton Plant

Bell Packaging founder Peter Bell visited our Luton offices on Tuesday.  He was delighted to see all the new developments within the company and was able to meet many of the company staff.  Peter will be celebrating his 91st birthday in February and we wish him continued good health and happiness.  Continue Reading

Clear Plastic Folding Boxes/Cartons

Clear Plastic Folding Boxes/Cartons

Your products are beautiful and need to be seen so why hide them inside a traditional board carton when you can use a clear option? Folding boxes/cartons are both an economical and attractive way of presenting your products at Point of Sale. Used in conjunction with die cut or vacuum formed fitments these plastic cartons…Continue Reading

Bell Packaging – End Caps

Bell Packaging – End Caps

Jetran® Packaging The choice of packaging is an essential contributor to the success of your product and you need it to be presented and sealed correctly to ensure the sustainability of your vision. You’ve made the right choice with Jetran® tubes but it’s not just the shape and design of the tube you need to…Continue Reading

Bell Impresses at Indian Institute of Packaging

Bell Packaging were delighted to receive an invitation by the Indian Institute of Packaging to make a full presentation of our products and services. Peter Lennie (Bell UK) and Rahul Gupta (Bell India) presented the full range of packaging concepts to approximately 90 students as well as the Assistant Director of the IIP. Also announced…Continue Reading

Sample packaging for your products

Sample packaging for your products

The packaging you choose to contain your product should embody the very essence of your brand; everything from its design to the very material it’s made from can help to bring your vision to life. In a nutshell, packaging is important. It’s an important decision to get right, essential to nailing the balance between concept…Continue Reading

Packed with Potential

Packed with Potential

Product Promotion, Positive Perception, Popularity and Profit. In the fast-paced and competitive world of food retailing, customers are initially attracted to the products by the eye-catching outer packaging that immediately captures their attention. With so many supermarkets each offering several varieties of the same product, the key to securing sales can  ultimately be an impressive…Continue Reading