Homelux Nenplas Limited

Homelux Nenplas Limited, Ultra Seal Plus Range All Inclusive Bath Sealing Kit

homelux2Brief: The brief given to Bell Packaging was to develop a pack that combined both the new Bathroom Seal and the Homelux silicone and fitting instructions.

Conclusion: The Ultra Plastic Seal is supplied in lengths of 1.83 Metres and therefore was extremely well suited to fit into a Jetran® Pack sized 30mm x 20mm with Injection Moulded Caps at both top and base.

To make the purchase easy in-store, the Silicone adhesive was packaged into a bespoke PET Folding Carton complete with Integral Eurohanger. The Folding Carton was designed with an aperture at both Top and Base to enable the Jetran® Tube to slide through the carton thus securing both products together to create an inclusive purchase at point of sale.

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