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Jetran® features at In Store Asia Exhibition, Mumbai – 22nd – 24th February 2018

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Retran® – a new clear tube solution made using redundant drinks bottles

Responding to the growing pressure to offer environmentally acceptable packaging Bell is delighted to launch Retran®.

This product joEmpty bottlesins the Jetran® family which provides the world’s leading solution for clear tubing.  This is produced using PET film which includes up to 70% post-consumer waste derived from redundant drinks bottles.

The bottles are collected, sorted, cleaned and processed into PET flake that is then converted into rigid film to make Retran®.  The polymer manufacturer has certificates of conformity that confirm the waste source and content.

The material has been trialled extensively and the results show this material is as strong as the PET film used to make Jetran® tubing and clear folding boxes.

The crystal clear transparency is maintained as only good quality bottles are used from approved sources.eclairs

Retran® can be supplied on cut lengths or on reels.  The film thickness varies from 200 Micron up to 400 Micron.  The Retran® tube can be formed into round, square, rectangular, triangular and hexagonal shapes.

Bell will be offering a standard range of Retran® with over 300 available shapes and sizes.

The new product will be commercially available in Q1 2018.

Typical application areas include window fashions, hardware & DIY products, pharmaceutical and promotional packs.  In addition the material used to make Retran® is certified for direct food contact making it suitable for displaying food and confectionery products.  Retran® packaging can also be produced in a BRC accredited facility if required.

For samples and more information please contact the Bell offices on + 44 (0)1582 459292 alternatively email or visit the website at

Bell Packaging in the News

Bell Packaging has been in the news lately. It has received high praise from plumbing supplies manufacturer, Rothenberger.

They are one of the leading manufacturers of blazing torches and their Super Fire 2 Soldering and Blazing Torch is a best seller. It markets the torch in 19 countries which include locations in Europe, Asia, America, Australia and Africa.Rothenberger_001

Rothenberger chose to work with Bell Packaging to produce a new transparent box for their product. They wanted an attractive design that was strong and practical. Bell Packaging was able to recommend their PET Jetran® tube andJetlok® end plastic end caps which provide strength and functionality while using recycled materials.
The design featured a transparent PET tube with the unique Jetlok® end cap. The self locking cap doesn’t need to be secured to the PET tube with staples, adhesive or rivets.

The top cap also features a handy hanger which makes storing and displaying the product much easier. Once the box is opened it can be used as a stand for the torch.
The tubes are made using polyethylene Terephthalate, which is better known as PET. This PET material is made up of 70% post consumer waste and doesn’t contain any toxic materials which effect the ozone layer. It is strong, durable and 100% recyclable.

It’s a popular material with many high street brands who are keen to use a recycled material. It’s both attractive and functional which was exactly what Rothberger were looking for.

Bell Packaging has a strong commitment to caring for the environment and they use recycled materialswhenever possible. Their Jetlok® range can be supplied in biodegradable versions. This means that within a period of 1 to 5 years the plastic is not a part of the waste on a landfill site.

If you would like more information about Bell Packaging, use the form on the website to get in touch or give us a call on  +44 01582 459292.


Bell India – a Cut above the Rest

india-victorinox2When the worlds leading manufacturer of Knives (Victorinox) wanted a promotional pack for their best selling Knife they approached Bell. Using the new prototype facilities at Globe Print N Pack in Mumbai various designs were produced, however the winner was a square Jetran® Tube with Clear Thermoformed End Caps.

The design was selected against stiff competition however the excellent transparency of the Tube, the overall strength of the End Cap and the distinctive features won the day and the finished design is now being listed in many of India’s leading Department Stores.

For more information contact the Globe Offices at the addresses detailed.

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