98 Lives use Jetran® to display innovative USB chargers

image001Accessories for mobile phones, tablets and PC’s is a growing business. When 98 Lives wanted new packaging they contacted Bell who were able to give an off the shelf solution.

With fast delivery and no origination or tooling costs the Jetran® pack offers a great presentation. The design is supplied packed flat with the end caps separate so transport and storage is very minimal.

The Jetran® pack offers a secondary use whereby the product can be stored in the packaging or the packaging reused for other purposes. The Jetran® pack is made using recyclable polymers and was selected from the standard range which exceeds over 300 different designs.

For samples and more information regarding this pack please contact the sales offices of Bell Packaging Limited at www.bellpackaging.com or on 00 44 (0) 1582 459292 or 00 44 (0)1246 851508.

For more information on 98 Lives please visit their website here

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