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The choice of packaging is an essential contributor to the success of your product and you need it to be presented and sealed correctly to ensure the sustainability of your vision.

You’ve made the right choice with Jetran® tubes but it’s not just the shape and design of the tube you need to consider but also the design of the end caps used to close the tube.

What are end caps?

End caps are exactly what the name suggests; plastic moulded caps that are placed on the top and bottom of the Jetran® tubes.

Our end caps offer a safe way to close the packaging, with systems that automatically lock to the side walls of the tube including our patented Jetlok® design which requires no staples, rivets or labels, so we’ve pretty much thought of everything!

With a range osp-270-post-265f over 300 different shapes, sizes and designs we can always find a solution to your packaging problems without the need for investing in any new tooling.

Which colours do they come in?

Our injection moulded end caps are produced in materials including LLDPE, HPDE and PP and can be supplied in a range of standard colours, or if you need a specific colour to match your brand then the colour can be Pantone matched for you at a little extra cost.

Okay, but what about shapes?

Glad you asked, we can offer a wide range of shapes from circular, square and rectangular through to more exotic shapes with a little more ‘pizzaz’ such as hexagons, ovals and triangles.

Our patented Jetlok® end caps.

Most end caps require staples, rivets or self-adhesive labels to secure them to the tubes but not Jetlok®Whisky-plain-600x440

Our patented locking mechanism gives your product full security without the need for any additional sealing and the pack can be opened and resealed over and over again giving you a reusable piece of packaging.

Does your pack need to hang?

We offer a selection of hangers and euroslot designs that can be fitted to the top cap to allow the product to hang on POS displays and all of these can be supplied in a colour to match the end caps.

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