Choosing Packaging That Gives Your Products a Competitive Edge

If you want to make sure that your products fly off the shelves, you need to focus on presentation when choosing packaging. Clear plastic boxes and Jetran® tubing are a popular choice because they provide consumers with a 360° view of what is on offer. After all, if you spend thousands of pounds on the design and development of new products, there is no point in hiding them away in a cardboard box. However, not all plastic tubes and boxes are created equally: you should be focusing on those made from high quality materials, which combine the two desirable qualities of strength and optical clarity. PET, Polypropylene, and recycled PVC are all excellent choices and, in gauges from 100-500 micron, will ensure that optical clarity is never compromised.

G_1_BOX1_2Flexibility and Choice: Choose Your Supplier Carefully

For companies that manufacture a wide range of goods and market them in diverse locations, the ability to choose different packaging for different products and markets is crucial. At Bell Packaging, we offer our clients a choice of over 300 different sizes of clear and printed packaging, with a wide selection of coloured end caps that add a touch of class to even the simplest of designs. We can also produce promotional gift packaging designed to your specifications.

A Summary of Factors to Consider

To make it easier for you to choose the perfect retail packaging for your products, we have put together a list of important factors you need to consider when making your selections:

  • Retail Displays – Choose packaging with end caps that feature hooks or spaghetti loops for products that you wish to be hung in prominent positions on retail display units.
  • Visibility – If you want your products to stand out from the crowd, consider unique packaging designs such as hexagonal or triangular boxes printed in contrasting colours.
  • Cost – In order to remain competitive, you need to ensure that packaging costs are kept under control. As a plastic packaging manufacturer operating a continual investment programme, we have the machinery and workforce to produce bespoke packaging at highly competitive prices. Furthermore, with no die tooling or origination costs, even small orders are economical for our customers.
  • The Environment – Companies that wish to boost their environmental credentials can elect to use our recycled plastic packaging and biodegradable end caps. Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with the environment and expect the companies that produce the products they buy to share their concerns. With our high quality PET packaging, you can minimise your corporate carbon footprint.
  • Time to Market – Rapid manufacturing processes and fast delivery times ensure that you experience no delays in getting your products to market, and because our tubes and boxes are flat packed they are easy to ship and store.

Our range of standard products is very popular but as an experienced packaging design company, we can also create bespoke tubes and boxes that meet your specific requirements, including accredited food packaging for direct contact food applications. For further information or to request a quotation, call Bell Packaging today on +44(0) 1582 459292.

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