How Our Packaging Is Environmentally Friendly

The style and quality of the packaging is closely associated with the value and reputation of a brand. That’s why many businesses, both big and small, spend a lot of effort and money on packaging design. But is design really the most important factor? What about the material used in creating the packaging? Today, many business owners and customers care about environmental responsibilities and environmentally friendly packaging can be a positive step towards that.

At Bell Packaging, creating environmentally friendly products is always important to us; which is why all products offered by Bell Packaging are made using environmentally friendly techniques and materials. Our company operates with a minimal carbon footprint.

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All packaging is made from PET, PP and PVC, and we can also offer bio-degradable coloured end caps. All of our Retran® tubes are made from materials containing post-consumer waste products reducing the amount of new material required to make the packaging. This helps businesses become more environmentally responsible.

Bio-Degradable End Caps

If required we can supply bio-degradable end caps, which in the correct environmental conditions will degrade over a period of 1 to 5 years to become one of the natural soil components.

Packaging Disposal

There are times when packaging after use ends up in landfills; this isn’t the best way to dispose of non-biodegradable products, as it burdens the environment. Thicker and harder plastics found in packaging would take a long time to degrade and shouldn’t be dumped in landfills. If the packaging is properly labelled for recycling, it would be disposed of properly.

Jetran® packaging is reusable and can be used multiple times before it’s disposed of. This reduces the need to manufacture more packaging and lowers the amount of waste generated.

Different Options

Just because the packing is environmentally friendly doesn’t mean it’s unattractive. Jetran® packaging is available in 300 different sizes and a wide range of designs. Our packaging is completely customisable and can be altered according to a company’s branding and requirements. Modern manufacturing techniques ensure the packages are strong and offer a unique presentation.

Reputation of the Brand

Customers love to support brands that are green and follow environmentally-friendly practices. If you actively encourage your customers to follow the right disposal and recycling methods and show that your packing is reusable and environmentally friendly, it would have a positive impact on your overall reputation.

Our packaging is easy to use, easy to store, and ship. It’s made from great quality materials and is strong; so you won’t have to deal with poor quality packaging. We also deliver our products quickly so you can be sure they’ll arrive at your location promptly once you’ve placed your order.

In most cases there would be no tooling or origination costs; so our products are very affordable. No matter which way you look at it, environmentally friendly packaging is an excellent choice for your business.

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