How Packaging plays a Very Important Role in Branding

When customers browse through store shelves for products, the first thing that attracts their attention is the packaging. People often judge the quality of the product based on the quality of the packaging and won’t be convinced otherwise until they read a few reviews or use the product themselves. A great product with poor packaging would still have a very low sales percentage; so packaging does have an impact on sales. But did you know packaging has an impact on branding as well?

Matter of Trust

Very few marketers and business owners realise that packaging actually helps increase a customer’s trust in a particular product. Great packaging shows that manufactures have poured in effort to showcase their products in the best possible light with a unique presentation.

It shows they take pride in their work and value how their client’s perceive it. While customers might not consciously recognize this, they do understand and respond to it. Packaging increases a customer’s overall trust and confidence in the product as well as in the brand.

Representation of the Brand

A brand logo can become a style statement and many companies have successfully managed to achieve that result. The most prominent examples of this are Apple, Louis Vuitton, Cadbury’s, Lindt, and other such famous manufacturers. Their packaging design and concept promotes their brand and increases their visibility.

Without proper packaging, such brands wouldn’t be considered as high-end and ¬stylish as they are now.If manufacturers and business owners pay particular attention to the packaging and presentation of their products, they reinforce their identity and encourage brand loyalty in their customers.

Things to Consider

There are many things a business owner needs to take into account before they design and order packaging for their products. These will have a direct and indirect impact on their business and customers:

  • Cost –Small businesses can’t afford to spend massive amounts of money on packaging but they still need to present something that’s looks and feels high-quality and impressive. It’s a good idea to choose a simple design with good quality materials over a complicated design with bad quality materials. That would reduce the cost a little bit and still draw attention from the customers, for our products like Jetran®, Retran®, and Jetlok®.
  • Unique –The packaging needs to attract attention, fit in with the brand, and be relevant to the product. Business owners need to choose something that’s unique and distinctive.
  • Eco-Friendly –Most manufacturers want to be environmentally responsible and customers love companies that care for the environment. It’s a good idea to use recycled materials and ensure the packaging is created by facilities with minimal carbon footprint.

There are many companies who even encourage customers to return bottles and packaging. For example, the makeup brand M.A.C asks customers to return empty product bottles so they can be sterilised and reused. This can increase a company’s credibility and impress customers. Our products like Jetran®, Retran®, and Jetlok® are all eco-friendly.

Modern packaging is easy to ship and usually packed flat, which makes it easy to store as well. Good quality, well-made packaging can make life easier for brands and leave a good impression on your customers.

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