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In the fast-paced and competitive world of food retailing, customers are initially attracted to the products by the eye-catching outer packaging that immediately captures their attention. With so many supermarkets each offering several varieties of the same product, the key to securing sales can  ultimately be an impressive and irresistible shelf appearance.

Whether you are a small company on a tight budget, or an internationally recognised brand, external packaging demonstrating quality while standing out from the maltesers-food-packaingalternative options is absolutely essential and strategic methods are often used in an attempt to influence the buying decision.

When products are aimed at young children you will commonly see bright colours or their favourite cartoon characters displayed on the packaging, designed to attract their attention. Similarly, for capturing the health conscious shoppers, brands tend to emphasise when products are ‘organic,’ ‘healthy’ or a ‘low fat’ option.

Ainterflora-food-packaingt Bell Packaging, when it comes to designing and producing the perfect packaging, you can rely on  our extensive knowledge and experience to develop and supply high-quality packaging that is tailored to promote your products to your target audience.

Created in facilities that are fully BRC accredited, our Jetran®, Retran® and Petran® packaging are perfect for food , drinks, nutritional sports supplements and vitamins.

Increasing numbers of customers are passionate about purchasing products with recyclable packaging and are keen to reduce landfill jetran-cylinder-lemon-lime-food-packaingwaste. Bell Packaging share this enthusiasm and can offer packaging made from materials including post-consumer waste  that can be recycled again after use significantly reducing the carbon footprint.

To further demonstrate this our bio-degradable end caps are available in many different material types and colours to suit your product.

Known for producing Jetran® packaging in different shapes and profiles Bell Packaging can offer a huge variety of designs with the benefit of no origination charges.

With many factors to consider when it comes to the packaging of your product, at Bell Packaging we can meet all of your requirements.

Our packaging will help to capture consumers and increase your sales without having to compromise on affordability and quality.

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