The Benefits Of Packaging Your Products Correctly

When you are thinking about bringing your brand to the market place, or refreshing a brand you already have, there’s one thing that many businesses overlook……….Packaging.

Here are just some of the lesser known products we produce that will help to solve your packaging problems.

Protective Clear Sleeves
Clear Sleeves can protect products from dirt and damage while being stored or transported and slide over the original packaging and are often used on premium products including fragrances and Whiskey where the box and the label are highly decorated.

Glued Lids and BasesShells
Glued Lids and Bases are often used by greetings card companies who sell mixed greetings cards as well as packaging for jewellery and stationary – Some retailers also use lids and bases to gift wrap hats and belts. There are no tooling costs for lids and bases which can be very helpful if small quantities are required.

Vacuum Formed InsertsVac-Formed Insert
These fit inside your carton or Jetran® pack and are moulded to match the size of your products – The products clip into the individual cavities which prevent movement during transit and make sure your products arrive on shelf in the correct way.

Printed Cartons with Window Patches
Clear window patches satisfy the customers’ curiosity and let them see into the carton showing them exactly what they are buying. It can change a box from a regular looking package into something much more enticing. A customer who can see the product is more likely to make a purchase. In 2015 Dotcom did a packaging survey which found out that 60% of people said they would share a picture or video on social media, if it came in a gift-like box.

Chupa Chups

Point of Sale Displays
This is a marketing tool which will give you the opportunity to catch the consumer’s eye as your products are displayed on these units strategically around the retail environment. These semi permanent displays can be re filled and should clearly show your brand logo.

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