The Magic Show rolls into Bournemouth University

Britain’s leading Design University in Bournemouth invited Bell Packaging to present the “Magic Show”.  UoB Programme Director of Industrial Design, Theo Roe, used the presentation to encourage closer links between the students and manufacturing sector to get a better understanding of what is happening in the Packaging Design workplace

With the support of second year students Sara Blanco and Penny Scully, Peter Lennie gave a lecture on how new packaging is developed and the production processes used to make boxes.  A practical demonstration on the assembly of Jetran® Packaging was delivered and the environmental aspects of packaging produced by Bell was a point of key interest along with the new initiative from Bell to design packaging that has a secondary use.  The presentation concluded with a detailed Q&A session.

Samples of Jetran® packs and technical information were distributed to all the students present.

For more information on Bournemouth University click here.

IMG_20151118_141820   IMG_20151118_142843   IMG_20151118_155608

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