Why Transparent Packaging Attracts Customers

Consumers today are more likely to buy products which provide clear information about the contents and ingredients. Being able to see the product is also important because customers trust a product they can see.

Have you ever purchased something in a box with no windows and has been disappointed with the product inside ? If so, you will realise how beneficial it is to have transparent packaging.

The Benefits of Transparent Packaging

  • Customers can see the product before they buy –  There are no surprises when the box is opened.
  • The brand is easily identified. A company or brand logo can be printed onto the plastic, or an insert placed inside the box – Promotional messages can also be inserted including information about the company website and social media accounts.
  • Buyers can see how the attractive bottles used for liquids such as perfume or drinks will look once out of the packaging. This helps customers who are looking for a certain size, shape or colour.
  • The size and the quality of the product can be immediately observed, so the customer has confidence in the purchase.
  • A perfect choice for a gift purchase because it can be left in the packaging to keep it clean and unmarked while on display.
  • Recycled plastic materials can be used which is important to customers who want to purchase from a company which is conscious about the impact on the environment.
  • Transparent packaging is ideal for foodstuffs such as confectionery, on the go snacks.

Bell Packaging

Here at Bell Packaging, we use the environmentally friendly Plastic to produce our transparent packaging. It comes from sources including soda bottles and sandwich packs that would normally be thrown on to landfill sites. The plastic we use is environmentally friendly, clear and strong.

Our boxes come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colours and are designed to meet your exact requirements.

Our design team can help you to come up with the perfect design for your product and we’ll even send you a sample design free of charge.

If you would like to know more about our transparent packaging, please contact our sales team by using the form on our website or by giving us a call on +44 (0)1582 459 292

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