World’s Best Car Cleaning Kits Packed in Revolutionary New Format

Autoglym design and manufacture solutions to renovate and clean motor vehicles.  2015 sees this British company celebrating 50 years during which it has grown to be the world’s leading supplier for vehicle renovation and cleaning materials.

They are endorsed by many of the leading names in motor sport including Jaguar, Ferrari and Rolls Royce and have the honour of holding two Royal Warrants as “Supplier of Car Care Products”   Autoglym products are exported to over 45 countries and their business is growing at a phenomenal rate.

New for the 2015 / 2016 season is the range of Complete Kits.  Used to deliver specific cleaning applications the Kits contain the product and applicators to make sure vehicles are presented in the beBodywork Wash and Protect Anglest condition possible.

Autoglym wanted to create a unique presentation for the Kits which would be instantly recognisable and have maximum shelf appeal when displayed in store.  Accepting the challenge, Bell Packaging produced over 100 designs using clear PET boxes, Jetran®, Jetbox® and the patented Jetlok® box.

After careful deliberation and consultation with key customers, Autoglym chose the new flat top Jetlok® presentation box.  The design combines crystal clear PET tubing with the patented Jetlok® end closing system.

The body of the box is made using a recyclable grade of PET film which has excellent optical features giving full visibility to the products contained in the Kits. The film is fully recyclable and contains 20% reprocessed material.

The end caps are a new development for Jetlok® which are “flat top” giving maximum usability of space within the pack.  This revolutionary new design is registered under UK Patent Pending reference number GB1514910.7. Super Resin Polish Complete Kit Angled Left JPG

The surface of the caps has been specially treated to give a luxury feel and to complete the finish the caps are embossed with the Autoglym logo.  The caps are moulded using a special grade of PP polymer which is fully recyclable and incorporates the highly successful Jetlok® closing system which has a resealing feature making the packs reusable as a storage container.

Simple to assemble the packs are secured with locking lugs that are inserted and can be opened and closed delivering a secure and attractive presentation pack.

Commenting on the new kits Marketing Manager Laura Neale stated “We have been working with Bell Packaging for many years.  Whenever we need something new they are so quick to respond.  When Jetlok® was first developed Bell brought this to our marketing team and we immediately recognised the benefits of this unique closing system.  Jetlok® is used throughout the Autoglym “Hi-Tech” range.  With so many people copying our products having a patented packaging solution has put us in a unique position.  The containers not only present the product well but are also used for storage and can be reused or recycled as the customer requires.”Leather Clean and Protect Angle 2

In bulk production the packaging is supplied in component form with the tubing packed flat and the end caps separate.  This ensures that the handling, storage and transportation of the packaging prior to assembly is kept to the absolute minimum and supports Autoglyms policy of reducing the carbon footprint of their packaging.

Laura Neale goes on to state “When we held our annual New Product Seminar all the new Kits were launched for the 2015 / 2016 season – we invited all our agents and distributors.  They loved the concept and we have been flooded with orders – customer feedback has been fantastic and everyone who has seen the new Kits cannot wait to get their hands on them …………”

The Complete Kit range is for private clients, professional car cleaners, motorbike enthusiasts and car body shops.  The finished packs are available through the Autoglym website, motorist accessory stores and retail outlets including Halfords.

For more information on Autoglym products contact Gemma Lancaster or Laura Neale on 01462 687431 or visit their website here.

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