FAQs – Transparent Packaging

Q: Why use Transparent Packaging?
A: If your product is attractive then allow it to promote itself by protecting it with transparent packaging.

Q: What is Jetran® Packaging?
A: Jetran® is a patented process for making clear tubes in various shapes including Circular, Square, Oval, Hexagonal and Triangular to any length.

Q: How do I close the top and bottom of the tube?
A: We also supply the plastic caps to fit the tubes in various colours and designs.

Q: Do I have to pay origination charges?
A: Providing you can utilise one of our 350 + standard shapes and sizes you pay no origination charges.

Q: How are the Jetran® tubes supplied?
A: All Jetran® products are supplied flat but pre glued and creased – This saves both storage space and shipping costs – You simply ease back the creases to open the tube before inserting the end caps.

Q: What is Jetlok®?
A: Jetlok® is another patented design that is unique to Bell Packaging – It’s a type of end cap that can be locked to the Jetran® tube and then re-opened and closed giving you a reusable piece of packaging.

Q: What is Retran®?
A: Retran® is Jetran® tubing made from a transparent material that contains as much as 80% post consumer waste ie bottles that would normally go into landfill. It is really transparent and good for the environment!

Q: What materials are used?
A: Materials including PETRetran®, PVC & PP are all available.

Q: Do you use a standard thickness of material?
A: Materials are available from 150 micron – 800 micron depending on the application.

Q: Do you have minimum production quantities?
A: We try and are as flexible as possible to give you what you need however like all packaging the more you buy the lower the price!

Q: What is a plastic folding carton?
A: It’s the same as a traditional board carton but produced in plastic so your product is visible at POS.

Q: What designs are available?
A: All folding cartons are bespoke and are designed to your specific product needs.

Q: Do I have to pay for tooling:
A: Yes – for folding cartons a 1 off tooling charge is made anywhere between £150 and £350 depending on complexity and size.

Q: Can the plastic be printed with a design?
A: All the packaging we produce can be printed with combinations of foil and print using screen, litho and roto-gravure.

Q: What are the lead-times involved in supply?
A: Lead-times for Jetran® are normally 2-3 weeks and folding cartons 5-6 weeks

Q: Do you make samples?
A: Yes we are happy to make samples for you in our in–house studio.

Q: What do you need to make samples?
A: A sample of the product you wish to pack is great and we can then give you a couple of alternative designs for you to consider.

Q: Do I have to pay for samples?
A: Single samples are normally FOC however we may charge for multiples.

Q: Can you provide printed samples?
A: Yes we can using either the digital process or full machine proofing however both of these routes will attract a cost depending on design and number required.

Q: What do I do next?
A: Contact our sales team by telephone on +44 (0)1582 459 292, or via our website and we will be happy to help turn your idea into reality.


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