Retran® Packaging


Tomorrows Packaging using Today’s Waste.
Bell Packaging are now able to offer their exclusive Jetran® range of retail packaging products in a material containing Post Consumer Plastic Waste.


With the use of landfill as the traditional method of disposing of packaging and fully aware of the negative press unfairly labelled at plastic products, Bell Packaging have worked hard to develop this exclusive material to enable us to produce Retran® products.

Retran® is a PET based film that is made using a percentage of post consumer plastic waste such as soft drinks bottles – Once collected they are cleaned and reprocessed and the resultant polymer is used to produce a film that we convert into Retran® packaging.

The optical clarity and strength of the material are not compromised and the finished packaging looks fantastic.

We are all increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of packaging and as a result of this many retailers are now looking to introduce recycled content into their packaging.
By using Retran® you can demonstrate to your customers that you are really committed to both the environment and corporate social responsibility plus the use of environmentally friendly packaging can help create brand loyalty and change consumers’ perceptions.

Contact our sales office where we can give you additional information and provide samples of this exciting and exclusive new product. See also our biodegradeable end caps.


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