Getting ahead of the competition

In the large, growing world of e-commerce, it can be hard to keep up your brands unforgettable buying experience. Your job is to get the customer to forget they were looking at your competitor before they found you. One way to do this is with custom packaging. A 2014 study found a strong correlation between a products packaging and the consumers perceived value of said product, concluding;

"Packaging could be treated as one of the most valuable tool in today’s marketing communications, necessitating more detail analysis of its elements and an impact of those elements on consumer’s buying behaviour".

Your products packaging is the first physical contact your customer has with your brand. As is the case for many things in life, first impressions are all important when it comes to customers opinions on your brand - so making sure your packaging makes your customer's initial impression a good one is essential.

Did you know?

  1. 70% of customers form impressions on brands based only on packaging
  2. 55% of say they’ll return to an online store if an order comes in branded packaging?
  3. 63% of consumers agree that the product packaging is as important as the brand itself.
  4. 52% of people say that they will happily pay extra money for products if they like the packaging.
  5. 30% of businesses reported that their revenues increase when they improve their product packaging.
  6. 64% of people accepted that they purchase products right off the shelf, if they like the packaging, without researching it.

But the products already sold?

One of the biggest mistakes in the e-commerce world is the thought: "If the customer has paid and I’ve got their money, why should I keep marketing to them?". 

Exceeding your customers expectations is one of the best ways to let them know they've made the right decision purchasing your product. This is the first step in converting a first time buyer into a repeat customer.

The importance of repeat customers

  1. A past customer is 27% more likely to buy from you again
  2. Repeat customers have a higher average order value
  3. Previous customers are more likely to use word of mouth marketing
  4. A past customer is much easier to upsell


More than 60% of online shoppers say that premium packaging makes a brand seem more affluent and expensive. About 50% of shoppers say that premium packaging makes them more excited about opening a package. 40% of online shoppers are more likely to recommend a premium packaged product to their friends. These figures show that your job does not finish at the point of sale, if anything, this is where it begins.

The power of social media

Social media has become the most influential tool for increasing brand awareness, with 33 % of consumers discover new brands, products and services on social networks. About 40% of shoppers have shared a product image or video on social media. A desire to show off and recommend motivates shoppers to share images or videos of products they have bought.

Almost 15% of those that have not shared a product image or video on social media, are likely to do so as a result of premium packaging. Something as simple as getting your brands packaging right can encourage your consumers to do your marketing for you.

Perfect your eCommerce packaging to boost your growth

Packaging is at the heart of promoting a product, influencing consumers’ buying behaviours, and safety of the product. It communicates with customers, effectively telling them what the brand and company stands for. This is what the power of an effective packaging is.