100% Recyclable Board Tube Packaging

Jetbox® sets a new standard for the E-Commerce packaging market by offering 100% recyclable board tubes on a roll which will build credible loyalty between you and your clients by showing the eco-friendly nature of your brand.

This exciting product is suitable for packing a variety of products and presents many advantages over traditional postal and mailing tubes.

The product itself is remarkably easy to open from flat to it's boxed state making production runs quick for your business whilst maintaining structural rigidity to keep your products safe during transport.

Jetbox® is solid board tubing supplied on a roll or cut to your required length and offers a viable alternative to traditional postal and mailing tubes. Jetbox® is made using 100% recyclable board. Available in four standard sizes, Jetbox® is also the perfect solution for promoting your products in-store whilst giving excellent protection through the delivery network to your customer. Read about the differences between Jetbox® and Postal Tube.

Recyclable Board Tubes

Since we introduced Jetbox® to the world we have seen a wide variety of use cases for it across the e-commerce space. This is likely down to it being a cheaper solution than others while maintaining a clean look with the added benefit of being able to promote your packaging is fully-recyclable.

Where has Jetbox® been used before?

Custom Design Team

Our expert packaging design team work in our production facility to ensure the design of the packaging is being met throughout the production line to keep your brand consistency at every stage. We work to your requirements to create a solutions that fits your culture as a brand and showcases the product in the best possible light.

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Board Tube Packaging

Board tube packaging can be an ideal way to gain trust and loyalty in your customers by being able to market the fact that you are using a packaging solution that is made from fully recycled materials. It’s surface is perfect for printing designs on and so can be a great marketing tool for your business and is a perfect solution for eCommerce brands looking to sell online without the need for transparent windows in the packaging to see the product through.

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Other Packaging Solutions

If board tube packaging isn't quite what you're looking for, we have a vast portfolio of other packaging solutions for you to consider below from folding cartons through to clear tube packaging.

Retran® & Jetran®

Our Retran®100 product is made with 100% post-consumer waste and has the ability to be applied to a wide variety of different packaging applications.

Transparent Packaging

End Caps

Available in a wide range of different shapes and sizes, our End Caps are the perfect finish to a products packaging and integrate seamlessly with our other current solutions.

End Caps

Jetlok® End Caps

Providing a unique way of closing the top and/or bottom of packaging tubes, our Jetlok® End Caps have a large amount of use-cases and align with our environmental policies.

Biodegradable End Caps

Folding Cartons

For an excellent way to showcase your products, consider taking a look at our Folding Carton solutions that can be printed onto and use post-consumer waste.

Folding Cartons

Auxiliary Products

Sometimes current solutions just aren’t enough. That's why we have additional capability to adapt a range of our solutions to meet the requirements of your products.

Bespoke Solutions
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Our custom packaging production facility can meet a vast range of requirements for all shapes and sizes of products. Read our guide!

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