Environmentally friendly product packaging for 2020/21

With the world becoming ever more conscious about maintaining the environment we live in, it’s important every packaging company does what it can to progress the industry towards using sustainable materials. That’s why we’re proud to supply solutions that use 100% post-consumer waste such as our Retran® packaging that has already been used across multiple applications like confectionary, housewares, stationary and automotive products.

Our range of transparent packaging encompasses many styles from the vast range of 300 standard sizes and shapes of Jetran® Packaging through to Folding Boxes which are bespoke and designed exclusively for your product. Allied to these products you may need to use inserts to help support the product inside the packaging – We can create these using various methods such as die cutting and vacuum forming to complete the package.

All the quality packaging we create will ensure that your product reaches its point of sale in excellent condition and will enhance its appearance on the shelf – We can also decorate with print and foil to achieve that exclusive look that you require.

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Retran® and Jetran® Packaging

Retran® & Jetran®

Made with 100% post-consumer waste, this solution has a variety of different applictions and allows you products to be clearly visible at point of sale.

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Jetbox® Packaging


Another example of environmentally friendly soltuions comes in the form of our 100% recycleable board tubes that boasts many advantages over traditional mailing tubes.

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End Caps for Packaging

End Caps

These End Caps are designed to work in conjunction with our other solutions and are available in a wide range of different sizes to suit all packaging requirements.

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Jetlok® End Caps for Packaging

Jetlok® End Caps

Made from a biodegradable material, these end caps provide a unique and efficient way to closing the top or bottom of packaging tubes. Available in different colours.

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Folding Cartons Packaging

Folding Cartons

This solution can be adapted to a wide range of different applications and provides an excellent way of showcasing your products, made from post-consumer waste.

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Auxiliary Product Packaging

Auxiliary Products

When the available solutions are not suitable for your application we can develop a product to cater whatever the requirements might be.

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Made with environmentally friendly materials:

All packaging we produce is delivered to you flat for simple assembly reducing the amount of storage space you need and can be produced in materials including PVC, PP and also PET which is kinder to the environment and more acceptable to environmentally conscious markets.

We offer and in-house packaging design service:

Our in house packaging design service can produce samples for you to evaluate, so when you are considering introducing a new product or a whole range talk to Bell Packaging and you will clearly see the benefits of using transparent packaging.