New Biojet® Packaging

Bell Packaging have produced a new eco-friendly product packaging solution designed to break down much quicker than other traditional materials with the ultimate goal of keeping our oceans cleaner.

Biojet® packaging has been created to deliver biodegradable transparent tubes, boxes and clampacks.

As people seek better environmental packaging solutions, Bell Packaging is delighted to announce the introduction of this exciting new product which means we can now offer a complete environmental range for new packaging projects in 2021.

To make Biojet® we introduce an additive which attracts microbes that uses plastic as their source of food and energy. These microbes can be found in landfill, the ocean floor, rivers,and swamps where bacteria and microbes thrive. When the microbes meet the plastic, the biodegradation process is accelerated as the plastic is consumed. This process will only happen in the correct environment where microbes exist.

Biojet® has a patent pending and is only available to Bell Packaging Clients.

Stage 1

Introduce an additive to the plastic to make make Biojet®.

Stage 2

Packaging on the shelf.

Stage 3

Microbes like the Biojet® and start breaking down the packaging.

Stage 4

Microbes break down Biojet® in a much shorter period of time.

Stage 5

Microbes consume the whole pack and leave organic matter CO2 & CH4.

Specialist Production Facility

Our packaging design team work with you from the start to design a solution that showcases your product in the best possible light to make it stand out against the competition in every environment.

When it comes to production, we have the ability to scale with you at every step maintaining a high level of quality across the board manufacturing everything in our specialist production facility.

All shapes and sizes

Biojet® is a versitile solution capable of being moulded in a range of ways to best suit your product and your needs for it.

We can design and manufacture a range of different packaging types such as transparent, recyclable, printable and much more, take a look at what Biojet® has been used for already.

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Our Packaging Products

Our portfolio of packaging products includes a wide range from board tubes to clear solutions designed to showcase your products.

We can work entirely within your requirements to design a solution that fits exactly what you need it for. Get in touch with our team today to start talking about your ideas and see how we can help.


Other Packaging Solutions

Our custom packaging production facility can meet a vast range of requirements for all shapes and sizes of products. Take a look at some of our other solutions below and if you need some advice get in touch.

Retran® & Jetran®

For a clear solution to your packaging which lets your product shine on a shelf consider looking at our Retran® & Jetran® solutions.

Transparent Packaging


For a solution that is fully-recyclable, consider looking at our Jetbox® packaging. These board tubes are 100% recycleable and so are very environmentally friendly.

100% Recyclable Packaging

End Caps

Our End Cap products are designed to work inline with our other solutions providing a clean way to seal off the ends of packaging. Available in a range of sizes, there's always a solution to fit.

Packaging End Caps

Jetlok® End Caps

To fit inline with our environmentally-friendly approach to packaging, our Jetlok® End Caps are made from a biodegradable material that provides a clean and efficient way of closing packaging tubes.

Biodegradable End Caps

Folding Cartons

Adaptable to a range of different applications, our Folding Cartons have already been used to house a variety of products. These solutions are also made from post-consumer waste.

Folding Cartons

Auxiliary Products

Sometimes you need to branch a bit further to find a solution that will work for your product when current solutions just wont work. We can help develop bespoke packaging solutions to fit your needs.

Custom Packaging Solutions
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Need help choosing the right product packaging for your business?

Our custom packaging production facility can meet a vast range of requirements for all shapes and sizes of products. Read our guide!

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