Biodegradeable Packaging End Caps

Designed to work in conjunction with Retran® and Jetran® our end caps offer a highly effective method of closing the top and bottom of the tubes and are available in a range of different shapes and sizes. The end caps can be supplied in biodegradable materials keeping in line with our ongoing efforts to help protect the environment. Take a look at our different colour ranges here.

We offer a range of end caps in regular shapes such as Round, Square and Rectangular plus more exotic shapes including Hexagonal, Oval and Triangular. Generally caps are moulded in PP, LDPe and HDPe and are available in a range of standard colours or can be Pantone-matched to suit your specific requirements. All end caps can be made to hang with the addition of a Euro Hook or Spaghetti Loop.

Ongoing Product Development
As part of Bell Packaging’s continuing commitment to the environment and in conjunction with our new product Retran® we can offer biodegradable end caps. The caps will biodegrade and become part of the soils organic components within a period of 1-5 years which compares favourably to a traditional plastic carrier bag which takes between 20-80 years.

New Natural Materials for End Caps
Bell Packaging are developing end caps made from wood which will greatly enhance the appearance of the finished pack.

Take a look at our different colour ranges here.

Other Packaging Solutions

Retran® & Jetran®

With a wide array of different options available, our Retran® & Jetran® packaging solutions are an ideal solution for attractive POS displays allowing you to showcase your products.

Transparent Product Packaging


If you’re looking for a solution that focuses more on being fully-recyclable over showcasing your products, our Jetbox board tubes are the ideal solution.

100% Recyclable Solutions

Jetlok® End Caps

Used to secure the ends of our other packaging solutions, these End Caps allow the closure of packaging without the need for staples, rivets or self-adhesive labels.

Biodegradable End Caps

Folding Cartons

Manufactured with post-consumer waste, our Folding Cartons provide a viable option for showcasing your products and having them stand out against your competitors with bold packaging.

Folding Cartons

Auxiliary Products

No two products are the same in terms of shape and size so we have the ability in our in-house design studio to create you a bespoke packaging solution for your products.

Bespoke Product Packaging