Eco-friendly, Clear Tube Packaging

Used across a variety of different applications and markets, Retran® and Jetran® can be made from materials containing up to 100% post-consumer waste giving your brand a clear marketing advantage over those who use traditional materials.

Our unique materials allow your products to be clearly visible at point of sale to showcase your product.

Manufactured in line with our recyclable packaging goals we are able to offer a standard range of over 250 different shapes and sizes. Visually Retran® and Jetran® are the same however Retran® uses a special formulation of PET that contains up to 100% post-consumer waste.

This type of retail packaging can be used to display a wide range of products across many different markets and industries giving excellent visibility of your product at point of sale. Supplied packed flat Retran® and Jetran® are easy to store and very economical to ship. Assembly is very simple and we offer full technical back up and machinery for small and large users. From our factory in the UK we have regular shipments to Europe, the USA and China.

Custom Clear Tubes

With already such a variety of different use cases for this type of packaging, there is no limit for what can be done with it. One of the biggest benefits of course is showcasing your product through the clear tube design enabling your customers to see the product before purchasing which could be a big selling point.

Where has Retran® been used before?

Packaging Design Team

Our specialist custom packaging design studio is built to cater for your every need from the small details to the larger considerations surrounding transport security and the brand image when seen on a shelf. Get in touch with us today to see how we can transform your packaging solutions and help drive your business towards being eco-friendly.


Clear Tube Packaging

Clear tube packaging can be used in a wide range of different applications and has some great benefits when compared to other solutions. It can showcase your product in all it’s glory on the shelf next to competitors and grant you the ability to market your product in ways other, more traditional packaging may not be able to cater for.

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Other Packaging Solutions

If clear tube packaging isn't quite what you're looking for, we have a vast portfolio of other packaging solutions for you to consider below from folding cartons through to full-recyclable board tubes.


For a solution that is fully-recyclable, consider looking at our Jetbox® packaging. These board tubes are 100% recycleable and so are very environmentally friendly.

Fully Recyclable Solutions

End Caps

Our End Cap products are designed to work inline with our other solutions providing a clean way to seal off the ends of packaging. Available in a range of sizes, there's always a solution to fit.

Packaging End Caps

Jetlok® End Caps

To fit inline with our environmentally-friendly approach to packaging, our Jetlok® End Caps are made from a biodegradable material that provides a clean and efficient way of closing packaging tubes.

Biodegradable End Caps

Folding Cartons

Adaptable to a range of different applications, our Folding Cartons have already been used to house a variety of products. These solutions are also made from post-consumer waste.

Folding Cartons

Auxiliary Products

Sometimes you need to branch a bit further to find a solution that will work for your product when current solutions just wont work. We can help develop bespoke packaging solutions to fit your needs.

Bespoke Packaging Solutions
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Our custom packaging production facility can meet a vast range of requirements for all shapes and sizes of products. Read our guide!

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