As the world gets warmer by the year, more and more businesses are taking action in their supply chains, business procedures and manufacturing to slow down the impact (and often eradicate) their impact on climate change.


The packaging of products plays a bigger role than you’d expect in the global fight against climate change, a study conducted by the Imperial College of London found  3.8% of the global greenhouse gases can be attributed to plastic packaging in some form. Whilst there is no concrete evidence to suggest other materials used for packaging would be any better, there are suggestions to be made that using renewable materials, like the plastic found in our Retran packaging solutions, have a much smaller impact on the planet with the carbon footprint being less than alternatives.

Whilst it can be easy to dismiss the use of plastic for many product solutions, such as packaging stationery, bottles of alcohol or outdoor products (to name a few examples), when it comes to packaging food or medical supplies in a safe and hygienic way, single-use plastic can be very important. With that being said, it’s vital to establish a form of product packaging as part of your supply chain that offers both the safety requirements, as well as keeping the overall carbon footprint low which is something our eco-friendly packaging portfolio can cater for in a variety of forms.

In a recent blog post of ours, we spoke about our Retran100 packaging solution and how it’s made from 100% post-consumer waste. Alongside the many benefits of using an eco-friendly solution like this, an often overlooked benefit is the ability to avoid the “packaging tax” that was announced in March of 2020 which penalises businesses that utilise packaging with less than 30% recycled contents. Another benefit of using our Retran solution is the 100% of consumer waste is recycled from home waste such as plastic rubbish that has been thrown out, collected, sorted and turned back into material that can be used again - stopping it from heading to the landfill!

Finding, choosing and implementing a new form of packaging into your supply chain can be daunting but is becoming more and more important for businesses all across the globe. That’s why at Bell Packaging we have invested resources into establishing our own in-house design team that are ready to take you through each step of the journey from initial design consultation through to the manufacturing and delivery. The best part about it? Our business scales with yours, meaning as you grow, we’ll scale you eco-friendly packaging to match demand.

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