Reusable Packaging End Caps

Designed to work in conjunction with our Retran®, Jetran® or Jetbox® tubes, the patented design of Jetlok® end cap is a unique way of closing the top and bottom of the tube. The end caps can be made from a biodegradable material ensuring they align with Bell Packaging's environmental policies. The caps can be closed manually with hand-held pliers or via our automatic closing machine. Take a look at our different colour ranges here.

This patented design allows the Jetlok® cap to be secured to either the Retran®, Jetran® or Jetbox® tubes without the need for staples, rivets or self-adhesive labels.  The locking mechanism on the cap gives total security until the pack is opened. 

The Jetlok® caps can be secured to the tube using simple hand pliers or alternatively for volume users, see our automatic Jetlok® closing machine. The Jetlok® caps can be opened and closed repeatedly ensuring the pack can be re-used multiple times. Colours can be chosen from our standard range or Pantone-matched, and a separate loop can be added to the top cap to allow the packs to hang at point of sale. Already being used in the UK by major retailers including John Lewis and Halfords, Jetlok® caps can be seen in store presenting products including cosmetics, housewares, automotive accessories and giftware.

All Jetlok® products are protected by one or more of the following granted Intellectual Property Rights:
UK Patent GB 2355000 and European Community Registered designs 001082739-001, 002, 003, 004 and 005.

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