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Bell Packaging's Alternative to Chinese Sourcing

Bell Packaging is providing a solution for businesses seeking to source their products and packaging at a lower cost. For over 20 years, Bell Packaging India has been successfully supplying quality components and products throughout Europe, specializing in moulding, printing, and hand assembly of plastic and board components.

Their latest production facilities ensure faster delivery times and competitive pricing, and customers can provide samples and quantity details to receive a customized solution to meet their needs, read more about Bell Packaging India here.

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Bell Introduce Reused Ocean Plastic

Potentially one of the most exciting developments in the plastic packaging industry is our ability to access and reprocess post-consumer waste that is seen on beaches, riverbanks and the perimeters of our oceans.

Floating plastic

The problem is that plastic floats. What we don't see is all the other rubbish that is beneath the surface. This includes glass, paperboard and metal cans. The problem is compounded where the country or region does not have waste management infrastructure, collection or recycling facilities.

Social plastic

Waste plastic bottles, bags & containers are collected from beaches and riverbanks by local people who are paid for their services – these are taken to local centres for sorting and the recycling process begins.

Collected plastic

Coastal regions are an increasingly important source of waste plastic. Every year millions of bottles are collected and reprocessed to make plastic containers, bottles and products that can be used and recycled over & over again.

Reused ocean plastic

Ocean Plastic waste is cleaned chipped and broken down into polymer which can be processed back into Retran boxes and tubes.

How We're Reusing Ocean Plastics

Potentially one of the most exciting developments in the plastic packaging industry is our ability to access and reprocess post-consumer waste that is seen on beaches, riverbanks and the perimeters of our oceans.

Bell Packaging is one of the first companies in Europe to endorse and support the collection and recycling of these materials, read more about our recycled packaging here.

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Packaging Designed for the 21st Century

At Bell Packaging we have been designing and manufacturing eco-friendly plastic tubes and card boxes for over 40 years, deploying our solutions to hundreds of industries showcasing products internationally.

Clear Packaging

Clear packaging is great for when you're product needs to be seen by the customer, or simply for showing it off on the shelf amongst the competition.

Recyclable Packaging

Have the edge on your competitors through the use of recyclable packaging and build customer trust & loyalty to keep them coming back.

Printable Packaging

The design of your packaging is just as important as the product itself with it being the first point of contact potential customers have with your brand.

Custom Product Packaging

Pack, promote and ship your products in custom, carefully designed, eco-friendly packaging crafted to build customer loyalty and save the planet at the same time - can you think of anything better?

Fully Recyclable Packaging Solutions

With all our product packaging solutions we use recyclable materials that are designed with the planet in mind as we battle against climate change. Some of our solutions such as the Retran 100 are made with 100% recycled materials, lowering the carbon footprint of products worldwide. It's not only the planet that loves it though, customers have been seen to build a stronger loyalty to a business if they use recycled materials.

Find your packaging

Our portfolio of packaging products includes a wide range from board tubes to clear solutions designed to showcase your products. We can work entirely within your requirements to design a solution that fits exactly what you need it for.

End Caps


Folding Cartons


Retran® & Jetran®

End Caps


Folding Cartons


Retran® & Jetran®

New Biojet® Packaging

Bell Packaging have produced a new eco-friendly product packaging solution designed to break down much quicker than other traditional materials with the ultimate goal of keeping our oceans cleaner.

Stage 1

Introduce an additive to the plastic to make make Biojet®.

Stage 2

Packaging on the shelf.

Stage 3

Microbes like the Biojet® and start breaking down the packaging.

Stage 4

Microbes break down Biojet® in a much shorter period of time.

Stage 5

Microbes consume the whole pack and leave organic matter CO2 & CH4.

Lets Get Packing!

If you have any questions or queries please fill out the form and a member of our design team will contact you asap, if you can't wait - give us a call on +44 (0)1582 459292

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