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Biojet® is our new eco-friendly product packaging for 2021! Learn More

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New Biojet® Packaging

Bell Packaging have produced a new eco-friendly product packaging solution designed to break down much quicker than other traditional materials with the ultimate goal of keeping our oceans cleaner.

Biojet® packaging has been created to deliver biodegradable transparent tubes, boxes and clampacks.

As people seek better environmental packaging solutions, Bell Packaging is delighted to announce the introduction of this exciting new product which means we can now offer a complete environmental range for new packaging projects in 2021.

To make Biojet® we introduce an additive which attracts microbes that uses plastic as their source of food and energy. These microbes can be found in landfill, the ocean floor, rivers,and swamps where bacteria and microbes thrive. When the microbes meet the plastic, the biodegradation process is accelerated as the plastic is consumed. This process will only happen in the correct environment where microbes exist.

Biojet® has a patent pending and is only available to Bell Packaging Clients.

Stage 1

Introduce an additive to the plastic to make make Biojet®.

Stage 2

Packaging on the shelf.

Stage 3

Microbes like the Biojet® and start breaking down the packaging.

Stage 4

Microbes break down Biojet® in a much shorter period of time.

Stage 5

Microbes consume the whole pack and leave organic matter CO2 & CH4.

Our Design Team

At Bell Packaging we have been designing complete packaging solutions for a range of different products for over 40 years giving us a wealth of experience to make your product stand out.

Clear Packaging

Clear packaging is great for when you're product needs to be seen by the customer, or simply for showing it off on the shelf amongst the competition.


Recyclable Packaging

In an ever changing climate, recycling is more important than ever. Take a read through our environmental policies to learn more about our materials.


Printable Packaging

The design of your packaging is just as important as the product itself with it being the first point of contact potential customers have with your brand.

Completley Bespoke Solutions

Completely Bespoke Solutions

Our packaging design team work with you from the start to design a solution that showcases your product in the best possible light to make it stand out against the competition in every environment.

When it comes to production, we have the ability to scale with you at every step maintaining a high level of quality across the board manufacturing everything in our specialist production facility.

All shapes and sizes

With our experience in the industry, we have worked with every shape and size of product you can think of which gives us the ability to transfer that knowledge onto working with you.

We can design and manufacture a range of different packaging types such as transparent, recyclable, printable and much more, take a look at some of our previous work on our portfolio.

All shapes and sizes

Folding Cartons

Transparent Packaging

End Caps

Foldable cartons provide a great way of showcasing your product on the shelf amongst the competition and making it stand out through the use of raw materials that contain post-consumer waste.

This versatile solution can adapt to a vast variety of different product shapes and sizes. We can also decorate the packaging with print and/or foil to match your brand image.

The material is FSC accredited board and contains up to 70% post-consumer waste. We work with you and your requirements to create a solution that is entirely bespoke.

Our Packaging Products

Our portfolio of packaging products includes a wide range from board tubes to clear solutions designed to showcase your products.

We can work entirely within your requirements to design a solution that fits exactly what you need it for. Get in touch with our team today to start talking about your ideas and see how we can help.


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