Reused Ocean Plastic

Published by Admin on 17th January, 2022

With the COP26 now behind us, what did the world learn about climate change and what is being done to rectify our path before it’s too late? One thing is for sure, and that is Bell Packaging's commitment to manufacturing products from recycled plastic materials in a driving effort to clean the production of plastic packaging and eradicate it’s harm from the planet.

Bell Packaing are proud to announce as one of the first companies in Europe to adopt and support the collection of plastics before they reach the ocean, using them in our eco-friendly packaging solutions available to our clients. With this new materials, Bell Packaging are continuing to work towards our commitments to the environment.

In 2019, Bell Packaging launched a new type of product packaging, Retran® - a polymer based material containing a minimum of 70% recycled content. With the applications for this new type of packaging ranging from pharmaceuticals to food with perfect clarity and full certifications, the product has been hugely adopted by our clients with almost 80% around the world now using this new and exciting material.



In April 2022, a new plastic packaging tax is being introduced which covers the use of the 70% recycled material. In light of this, Bell Packaging released a new packaging material, Biojet® which is an adaptation on our original Retran® design, only with this new material an additive has been added that stimulates and accelerates the biodegrading process making it an overall cleaner solution.

As we have seen more and more recently, there are large quantities of plastic waste floating into the sea with organisations like The Ocean Cleanup working towards tackling some of the 5 trillion pieces of plastic currently floating in our oceans. That’s a huge amount of plastic that will take decades to biodegrade leaving a damaging effect on the planet over the years. Bell Packaging are working with companies who organise local communities to collect plastic waste from beaches, riverbanks and ocean perimeters to use in the production of our eco-friendly packaging solutions. When compared against our other packaging solutions currently available to our customers, the new material matches the performance of our other current materials like Retran®, Jetran® or Biojet®.

Bell Packaging are already making use of this new material for all our forming and insert divisions, with tubing and boxes following in 2022 to complete our transition.

There is no excuse for the amount of rubbish that is being discarded into our environment and it’s become the responsibility of businesses to facilitate the move across to sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging. Bell Packaging is one of the first companies in Europe to endorse and support the collection and recycling of these materials which we are immensely proud of.

If your business is looking to employ the use of eco-friendly packaging, designed to biodegrade quicker whilst recycling plastic pulled from our oceans, please get in touch with our packaging design team and we’ll be more than happy to show you the processes.