Retran® circle of life

Published by Belladmin on 17th September, 2018

Key points regarding Retran®

  • Retran® is a brand owned by Bell Packaging Limited
  • Developed and launched January 2018 as the environmental solution for clear tubing
  • Raw material manufactured in Germany using the latest production techniquesRetran Circle of Life
  • Technology has been tested, proven and certified to meet the following criteria:
    – BRC / IoP
    – ISO9001-2015
    – ISO50001 – 2011
    – Kosher Certification
  • All materials used to produce Retran® have certificates of conformity
  • All raw materials used to produce Retran® have traceability
  • All raw materials have been tested and certified as suitable for use for the following applications:
    – Direct food contact
    – Pharmaceutical
    – Retail display
  • The base material PET has been selected as it is able to be recycled numerous times
  • The raw material content is monitored to ensure minimum discolouration to clarity
  • The surface of Retran® is virgin to ensure direct contact with food and clean applications
  • Retran® surface is ideally suited to accept printing inks and other advertising materials
  • The raw material used to produce Retran® has been rigorously tested within the retail environment for over 5 years
  • All aspects of Retran® are sourced, processed and supplied in Europe
  • Field trials of Retran® have been conducted throughout Europe over the past 6 months
  • The Retran® brand has attracted considerable interest with multiple retailers throughout Europe
  • Retran® film has been added to the Bell standard stock range to ensure fast delivery and consistent quality
  • Retran® is not available in China or the Far East
  • The recycling of Retran® is effectively carried out throughout Europe