As one of the leading packaging suppliers in the UK, we have a wide variety of solutions that can be adapted to work with a range of cosmetic products. For example if you have a new style of lashes, we have our transparent Retran® and Jetran® packaging to show them off on the shelf amongst the competitors whilst if you’re looking for the ultimate eco-friendly approach, then our Jetbox® solutions are designed with 100% recyclable properties giving your business the edge in a world of increasing awareness about climate changes and the effects non-recyclable plastic has on our environment. 

Our sustainable cosmetic packaging solutions can be designed to suit a range of products from lip stick, mascara, eye shadow, eye liners, foundation along with much more. Perfect for small startup businesses looking for a professional way to package products before shipping them to customers as well as scaling with businesses as they grow to keep up with demand.

We work with you from the start to design a solution that fits your needs perfectly and provide the manufacturing services to help bring products to market. Firstly, we understand your requirements and take a look over the products taking into consideration the required security level, any creative packaging designs you’re looking for alongside other factors such as the size, shape and weight of your cosmetics. Following from this, our design team will work with you to design a solution that looks the part as well as protect your product through transport either from the shelf or to your customers door. We operate a state of the art manufacturing facility that is designed to scale with your demands - so as your business grows, we’ll follow. 

StylPro Expert

It’s important to understand that customer loyalty for a cosmetic brand is important, so make sure you gain the trust of your customers by packaging your products in one of our creative packaging solutions designed to generate interest as well as product your products until they arrive into your customers hands. Speak to our uk packaging design team today to learn about our services and the ways we can add value to your business through high-quality product packaging.