Retran® Packaging- Eco-Friendly Recycled Packaging Solutions

Published by Admin on 14th May, 2018

Today, the focus is on following more eco-friendly practices and using eco-friendly products to reduce our carbon footprint and make the planet more sustainable for future generations.

The focus is to remove single use plastic packaging from the supply chain and Bell Packaging are at the forefront of this effort.

Recycled Bottles

Retran® is the latest environmentally-friendly packaging being offered by Bell Packaging.

We are committed to providing our clients with high-quality, stylish packaging products that are also kinder to the environment.

Take a look at how our Retran® products are made.

Retran® Packaging ProductsPlastic Material

  • Retran® is a direct outcome of the growing demand for environmentally acceptable multi use packaging products.
  • This product joins our Jetran® family that provides the world’s leading clear tubing solutions.
  • Retran® is produced utilising PET film that includes up to 70% post-consumer waste that is sourced from redundant drinks bottles.
  • Only good quality pet bottles from approved sources are used to make Retran®, giving it a crystal clear transparency.
  • These bottles are collected & sorted, thoroughly cleaned and processed into PET flakes.
  • The flakes are converted into a rigid film to make our unique Retran® products.
  • We have trialled this product extensively and the results confirm it is as strong as the virgin PET film used in manufacturing Jetran® clear folding boxes and tubing.
  • Retran® packaging can be recycled again and again.

Retran® is a very versatile material that can be used to produce packaging products for applications including:

We can also produce Retran® packaging in a BRC-accredited facility if needed. For any more information about our recycled, recyclable environmentally-friendly packaging products, feel free to contact us with your requirement today at +44 (0)1582 459292. You can also email

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