Retran® Reaches 100%

Published by Belladmin on 7th November, 2019

With the huge success of Retran® packaging, Bell have been working with their raw material manufacturers to achieve an even higher percentage of post-consumer waste within this product.

New for 2020 Bell are delighted to announce that they can now supply Retran® packaging made from 100% Post-Consumer Waste. The material is particularly exciting as it has been approved by the European Food Standards Agency for direct contact with food.

Traditionally the surfaces of Retran® have required a virgin layer of film for food applications however the new formulation means that virgin film layer is no longer necessary.

The new material contains 100% recycled polymer which is derived from home waste i.e. plastic rubbish that has been thrown out, collected, sorted and turned back into material that can be used again.

Critical to the product is the source of the waste which is essential to ensure continuity of supply and maintain little or no difference in the colour of the film from batch to batch.

Retailers require certainty about the origin of their packaging therefore the new material supplied by Bell is fully certified.

Commenting on the development Managing Director Peter Lennie stated “When we first launched Retran® offering a 70% recycled content our key client base was delighted however our ambition has always been to reach the magical 100% figure and this opens up a range of new application areas for our packaging solutions.”

‘’This is the most exciting development that Bell have announced in 2019 and we know it will be a huge success throughout Europe. With Government, local authority and consumers demand for improved recyclability, Retran® provides a fantastic opportunity and delivers a 100% recyclable finished product.”

“The new material is currently on test with some key clients and as soon as we have their feedback, we will roll the material out to the rest of our customer base.”

If anybody requires samples please contact our sales office on +44 (0)1582 459292

Peter from Bell Packaging