Transparent Plastic Tubes

Published by Belladmin on 10th October, 2017

There are many products that benefit from using plastic packaging including food, personal care, ceramics, toys, hardware, electrical components, cables, switches and more.

The companies that manufacture these products need to ensure that they utilise the right type of packaging and the characteristics they look for are food safe materials and production, strength, clarity and durability and in addition they may also need the packaging to be printed.

Bell Packaging’s unique range of Jetran® and Retran® transparent plastic tubes are the perfect packaging solution. With nearly 40 years’ experience, we are the packaging experts and operate the largest tube manufacturing facility in the world.

Cabury ProductsIn addition to the clear tubes we also manufacture the plastic end caps that fit at the top and bottom of the tube.

We have tooling for over 300 different shapes, sizes and designs of caps all of which can be produced in a range of standard colours or matched to Pantone references if required

Our packaging factory in the UK delivers products on a weekly basis to France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Italy, and Scandinavia.

Transparent Plastic Tubes- Some Facts

  • Bell Packaging have the capacity to produce transparent plastic tubes in the shapes and quantities you need; some of the shapes available include Rectangular, Square, Triangular, Hexagonal, Oval and Circular.
  • These tubes are flat-packed which makes them very easy to store at your facility.
  • The assembly is very simple and you can choose from gauges ranging from 100 – 500 micron.
  • Visually, both Retran® and Jetran®  look the same; however the raw materials used in their manufacture have different properties with Retran® being suitable for direct food contact and in markets that are environmentally-sensitive.

If you would like to know more about our transparent packaging, please contact our sales team by using the form on our website or by giving us a call on +44 (0)1582 459 292

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