Vacuum Formed Inserts and Clams

Published by Admin on 24th December, 2019

Alongside some of our core products, we also offer additional packaging solutions that work in conjunction with our 100% recyclable products such as Retran® and PET Folding Boxes.

Vacuum Formed Inserts or trays are perfect for keeping products in place inside your cartons, and are typically used for confectionary, toiletries, cosmetics, alcohol and fragrance products. 

The inserts work particularly well for multi-product packs, especially when placed inside a printed board carton with a window, or a PET Folding Box.

The inserts can be produced in a range of materials all of which contain recycled content and can be recycled again after use. 

These are available in clear or a range of standard colours, or even better can be matched to a specific Pantone ® colour to suit company brand guidelines.

As well as Vacuum Formed Inserts, we also produce Clam Shells. These packs are produced in clear materials including RPET and are designed to either hang or free stand giving the retailer multiple display options for the finished packs in store. 

Clam Shells are typically used to package a large range of items including mobile phone accessories, stationery, home fragrance and DIY products.

The brand graphics and design are generally printed on a paper or card insert that fits inside the clamshell, this can also be removed after purchase so it can also be recycled correctly after use. 

As with all packaging designed and produced by us, Bell Packaging can supply the inserts and clams with the material type logo embossed onto the surface, ensuring that the end user knows how to recycle the trays correctly. 

Our Vacuum Formed Inserts and Clams are part of the range of packaging we offer that is designed to cater for your unique packaging needs and provide you with ‘greener’ alternative packaging options. 

If you would further information and samples please visit our website contact the Bell Offices on +44 (0)1582 459292