PET Folding Box Packaging Solutions

Published by Admin on 1st November, 2019

In the September blog we introduced you to Retran® Packaging and this month we will be expanding on this by talking about how the same raw material is used to create the PET Folding Boxes that we offer.

Here’s a quick recap on Retran® and what it is… 

Bell Packaging are working hard towards a greener future, thinking about the way we use plastic and its impact on the environment. 

With the average UK citizen using around 76kg of plastic waste per year, time is now of the essence to use a much recyclable plastic as possible and Retran® is the solution to this. 

Retran is an extension of the Jetran® product range, and contains approximately 70% post-consumer waste which would normally find its way to landfill

All Retran® packaging is 100% recyclable and is marked with the relevant material type logo to ensure it can be identified for recycling after use. 

Folding Boxes are an alternative solution to Retran® tubes.

Folding Boxes supplied by Bell are bespoke and our team of designers work hard to create innovative and exciting solutions to meet our customers packaging briefs.

Packaged flat, the folding boxes are economical to ship and store and are easy to handle….once you have received delivery, they are simple to open and insert your product inside ensuring both protection and visibility at Point of Sale.

Commonly used in the Cosmetics, Fragrance and Confectionery markets Folding Boxes can be printed to carry brand designs and messages.

As with all packaging supplied by Bell, our Folding Boxes can be recycled after use. 

We believe PET Folding Boxes and Retran® are the sustainable answer to the future of plastic packaging and if you would like further information and samples please visit our website or contact the Bell Offices on +44 (0)1582 459292