Retran® Packaging will change the way you think about Plastic

Published by Admin on 11th September, 2019

SecuBar PackagingIn a time where plastic is becoming quite the taboo word and awareness of plastic pollution is on now on almost everyone’s radar, consumers and businesses alike are now looking at ways in which they can reduce plastic consumption and convert to recyclable products. 

This movement is something Bell Packaging have responded to by launching the 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly plastic, Retran®

You may not be aware that such a thing was available or even possible, however this raw material produced from redundant PET bottles and drinks containers has created a plastic which can be reused over and over again. 

Retran® is a transparent material which is clearly marked with the recyclable logo and since its launch in January we have converted nearly all of our customers to this form of recycled packaging.PET Logo

It’s become a huge selling point to consumers who want to know if the products they are buying are packaged with recyclable materials, and clearly marking this logo onto the packaging makes it easy for customers to identify the material and recycle accordingly. 

The raw material used to produce Retran® has been trialled extensively and the results show the material is as strong as the standard PET film used to make Jetran® tubing and clear folding boxes, so it doesn’t compromise on quality. 

The material used to make Retran® is certified for direct food contact and the production is carried out in a BRC accredited facility.

Available in over 300 standard sizes Retran® can be formed into different shaped tubes and supplied in cut lengths or on reels. Typical application areas include DIY products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and confectionary.

Packaging is what we do and is vital to our business, but so is our environment. We’re committed to making huge steps towards ensuring what we produce will reduce plastic waste in the near future and will continue working towards a greener future.

If you would further information and samples please visit our website or contact the Bell Offices on +44 (0)1582 459292