Transparent Plastic Boxes From Bell Packaging

Published by Belladmin on 3rd January, 2018

In today’s ultra-competitive retail environment companies need to consider every possible angle to maintain and grow their market share and the packaging they use is a very important part of this strategy.

Champagne BottleWith nearly 40 year’s experience of designing and manufacturing elegant and practical packaging, working with Bell Packaging will ensure your products stand out from the crowd.

Our UK based team will work with you every step of the way from concept to final delivery to ensure that you get the packaging your products deserve.

One of the most popular packaging designs in use today is the Transparent Folding Box. Made from materials including PET and PP these boxes are completely bespoke and are designed to both protect and display your product in equal measures.

The materials we use ensure excellent visibility of your products and also are 100% recyclable.

As with all products offered by Bell these boxes can be printed, and when using the litho process and we can add 6 colours in 1 pass plus the addition of metallic foil if required. The creasing we add to the designs make the boxes quick and easy to assemble helping to keep the overall cost of the packing process down.

Stylo ProductAlso all designs of Transparent Folding Boxes we create are designed to lay flat once produced making sure the shipping and storage costs are also as low as possible. Transparent Folding Boxes can be used to package many different types of products including drinks, foods, cosmetics, fragrance and toys & games. The next time you are considering new packaging contact Bell Packaging and let us show you the benefits we can offer.

For any additional information about our high quality Transparent Plastic Boxes, feel free to contact Bell Packaging with your requirement today.

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